DTxTermunus2000 - Revenue Collection Processor & Enrolment Terminus

DTxTermunus2000 is a hybrid solution designed for outfield tax agents in areas with challenges deploying a cashless policy in revenue and tax collection.

It's a secure automated revenue collection solution that enables tax or revenue collectors / agents securely and effectively process the collection of revenue and taxes in the field.

A perfect solution and tool , ideal to boost agencies internally generated revenue base for operations such as small businesses, market places, motor parks, parking lots etc were a cashless system for revenue collection becomes a challenge.

It also has the capability for field operation in enrolling newly identified tax payers into the tax bracket.

The Revenue Collection Processor with a built in Enrolment Terminus DTxTermunus2000 is rugged in built and architecture designed for field operations. The solution incorporates the various components such as the hand held terminus, the firmware for the hand held, the back end pc suite and a work station with server.

DTxTermunus2000 provides the perfect and ideal solution for agencies that:
  • Require collection of revenues and taxes on the field.
  • Require secure and proper accountability for revenues and taxes collected on the field
  • Must capture data on the field
  • Need to register and enrol new tax customers into the tax database or register
  • Require integration of field operations with office operations
  • Need to boost the internally generated revenue base
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