X5-MREx™ - Medical Records Exchange Solution

A cloud based fast, secure online medical records exchange solution built on our platform that offers healthcare providers, patients free access to a HIPAA-compliant type electronic chart exchange network aimed at drastically reducing the administrative burden associated with responding to third-party requests for medical records.

It also reduces the burden of having to print and carry medical records by the patients from one end user to another. It will allow clinics, doctors' offices and hospitals to exchange data on common patients instantly, including lab reports, radiology images and medical history.

To better understand this, here`s a case of Jamal born prematurely with non functioning kidneys, 4-year-old Jamal has been through dialysis, angioplasty and a kidney transplant, and seen more specialists than most people will see in a lifetime. His doctors and hospitals had electronic medical-records systems, but no way to access each other's, so his parents had to collect his growing paper medical records in a large accordion folder, haul it from doctor to doctor, explain his medical history over and over again, and often wait for hours while referrals and test results were retrieved and faxed around to different providers. "It was getting to be a bit of nightmare," says his father,.

X5-MREx was developed in response such need as a secured solution for providers to receive record requests and exchange medical information with requestors.

Geared to a growing population of medical providers who are technically savvy and eager to increase the efficiency of their practices as well as in delivery of proper health care as it relates to patient management, X5-MREx provides a secured electronic medical records exchange network that helps reduce the burden and inconvenience associated with the current practice responding to third-party requests for medical records.

  • Simple, user friendly system saves the GPs and Specialists precious time.
  • Send your patients’ medical information in 3 easy steps
  • Prompt processing and payment
  • Free – No cost to the Doctor, Specialist or Practice
  • Fast – No Paperwork, printing, faxing or scanning
  • Secure – Encrypted and privacy compliant
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